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Wealth Accumulation

At Wisdom Wealth Services we can help you make the most of your income to improve your wealth over the long term. We can tailor a wealth creation plan to suit your individual needs and goals. We also encourage our clients to stay away from "get rich quick schemes" and advise them to rely on a tailored range of proven structures and strategies.

We can help you with:

  • Mortgage reduction plans
  • Regular saving and investment plans
  • Dollar cost average strategies
  • Share portfolio advice
  • Managed Fund portfolio advice
  • Property advice
  • Tax structuring advice (e.g. use of family trusts)
  • Gearing - Margin lending
  • Diversification and asset allocation


We can advise you on whether you're taking full advantage of your super. It's a good idea to occasionally review your current plan, particularly when your lifestyle and income changes. There are lots of superannuation plans out there and lots of different options with your existing plan. Taking a little bit of extra time to make sure you have the best plan or have the right options for you can make a big difference down the line. We can also advise you if you're in a position to use salary sacrifice to reduce your tax or if it would advantage you to have a Self Managed Super Fund. We can help with:

  • Consolidation
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Spouse Contribution
  • Re-Contribution
  • Co-Contribution
  • Transition to Retirement
  • Non-Concessional

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is important whether you're just about to retire or if it's still a while down the track. We can help you to ensure you will save enough to fund your retirement and to plan how you spend those funds when you do retire. Determining the necessary level of saving you will require to maintain a comfortable lifestyle can be complicated and often surprising

What to consider for your retirement:

  • What annual income would you rather live on during retirement?
  • How long will your savings last on that income?
  • Will you be able to afford holidays, hobbies, sea change or other activities you would like to do in your retirement
  • Are you on track to save enough to afford the lifestyle you have in mind

We can answer all these questions and set up a plan for you. You can have peace of mind knowing you'll be looked after in retirement. We can help with:

  • Income Streams
  • Home Equity drawdowns
  • Investment
  • Assets/Income Tests
  • Pension Exemptions
  • Allowances/support
  • Age Pension

At Wisdom Wealth Services, we analyse how you are going to accrue sufficient assets for your retirement and implement a range of individualised structures that will enable you to maintain a comfortable and happy lifestyle off income generated through a range of tax-effective, positive strategies.


It seems strange that most people will, without question, insure their car, house and/or boat yet few will insure their most valuable asset – themselves.  Your ability to provide an income for yourself and your family is paramount. Have you considered what would happen to you or your family if something happened to you? For example, if you were injured and could'nt work for an extended period of time could you:

  • Maintain your lifestyle?
  • Continue paying off your debts?
  • Hold onto your hard earned savings?
  • Afford medical costs or care?

Protecting your wealth is vital and we can help you choose a policy that suits you. We can help with:

  • Emergency Fund
  • Health
  • Income
  • Death, Disablement, Trauma
  • General
  • Business

At Wisdom Wealth Services we can discuss these subjects with you and make a recommendation about the level and the types of cover that are best suited to your individual situation.

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